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About Us

Rita Rugs Home

You might, or might not be familiar with the name. But once you buy from us, you’ll be familiar with the supreme quality of home decor products that we offer. Rita Rugs Home is a child company of Rita International which has been in the rug industry for over a hundred years now. Rita Rugs Home, was formed to supply our vast collection of high quality self manufactured home decor products in UK.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

As was once stated by none other than Leonardo da Vinci himself, simplicity is the way to go. Be it the rugs we design or the way we sell them. Our ideology behind it is very simple. We are here with the customers and for the customers. We are here to give a taste of truly unique products to our customers, and have them simply experience what it’s like to have a product that is personally handcrafted with love at your doorstep.


Why Work With Us ?

We are one of the few home decor retailers in the UK, that have their own manufacturing unit. Every product that is displayed on our website, is personally designed and hand crafted by us. We take great pride in manufacturing top quality products especially for you guys, taking into the consideration, the customer needs. Not only this, we also provide a wide range of other benefits:

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